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5 Reasons Why Groms Should Lift Weights

5 Reasons Why Groms Should Lift Weights

1.Ignore the Mythology

The claim that weightlifting is unhealthy for children is a total myth. Several research studies were released in the 80’s that claimed that weightlifting can damage the growth plates at the end of growing bones resulting in stunted growth. The concern was that these growth plates are more fragile than bones and tendons which under certain stress would get damaged. The fact that damaging these growth plates could potentially result in deformed growth is true. However, weightlifting is not putting children at risk for damaging these precious plates. It has been found that even running and jumping(or doing air revo’s into the flats) puts kids at higher risk than lifting weights.

2. Gains

Groms can experience noticeable results from weight training. Even though kids and teens do not see as much physical muscle mass gains(hypertrophy) as adults, their muscles will continue to get stronger as they grow. When kids start up on a strength training program their muscles will see neurological gains. Their muscles will become more efficient, fire more motor units, resulting in a greater total force output. Strength and power are both common pitfalls of most groms trying to make it in the competitive surf scene. Strength can improve stability, balance, bottom turns, pumping, snaps, and hacks. So not lifting weights while trying to be the next big thing would be dumb. Also once these groms are hitting the weight room they can benefit from taking nutritional supplements. Once again, no, it is not unsafe for kids. Having kids take protein after workouts can hugely benefit their muscle development. Even taking branched chain amino acids, creatine, or a carbohydrate supplement would be smart to take before a workout so they can benefit from the work they put in as much as possible. Other good supplement suggestions would be a multivitamin, a veggie/greens smoothie mix, casein, or essential fatty acids. (Click the link at the bottom of the page to check out some surf specific supplements.)

3. A promising future

When a grom grows up having experience in weightlifting the results will last a lifetime. Your muscles have an incredible memory. When you make strength gains and your muscles become more efficient in result of a strength training program even if you stop lifting weights for a while your muscles will stay stronger. Also when you start hitting the weights again your muscles will get those previously made gains back faster than if you never picked up those weights in the first place.

4. Prevent Injury

As a surfer you know how much it sucks to be injured and not able to surf. Especially when it’s firing. But for those groms trying preparing for monthly or even weekly competitions it is extremely important they are able to get in the water everyday and participate in every contest possible. Weak, undeveloped muscles can lead to muscle imbalances, poor stability, and potential injury. Sometimes these injuries can haunt a surfer for the rest of their career. Weight training can not only make the muscle stronger but it’ll make the joint, tendons, and bones stronger too! So don’t be foolish and think that weight training is not for you.

5. Chicks dig it.

Do I have to say anymore?