Surf Longer Surf Stronger

ELLAKAI Complete Surf Workout Video

Here is a workout covering a little bit of every aspect of surfing. During those long dry spells at home or getting ready for that surf trip coming up, this workout will keep you in shape so you don’t feel rusty getting back in the water.



Straight Arm Pull Down: 4×18

Prone Shoulder Adduct/Abduct: 3×12

Judo Push-ups: 3×10

Surfer Burpees: 3×10

Mountain Climbers: 3×20

Jump to Stance on Upside Down Bosu Ball: 3×8

Lunge with Oblique Twist: 3×6 each side

Broad Jump to 180 Side Jump: 2×6 each way

Step Back Rear Ball Throw: 3×8 each side

Kneeling Oblique Twists: 3×10 each side